App Design

One of the absolute best (and coolest) ways to promote your business or organization is by having your own personalized app created. It not only gives your costumers/clients immediate access to your business or organization, but it gives YOU almost immediate access to THEM! Let me explain…

When you give your customers/clients and potential customers/clients access to your own professional app in the Apple App Store or in Google Play, and they put your “icon” on their smartphone or tablet, that becomes a permanent mini-billboard for you that they will see numerous times most every day. Do you realize how powerful that is?!

And because they have chosen to put your app on their device, you can then legitimately send them what is known as a “push notification” anytime you wish, in the form of a text message. That means you can send them special coupons, notices about specials & sales, reminders, and whatever other info you might want to give them at a particular time. And because over 95% of people read any text they get almost immediately, that means that they WILL see it! Now what other kind of marketing strategy can guarantee that?!?!

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