Local Display Ad Services

Every business owner knows that marketing is a must. They are well aware that they need to get the word out to as many people as possible about who they are and what they have to offer. The problem comes in deciding which method(s) of marketing to focus on the most.

For one thing, most of the old ways of marketing are no longer nearly as effective as they used to be. New technologies over the past several years have changed everything, including how consumers “want” to be marketed to. For example, newspaper ads are being seen by fewer and fewer people, because more and more of them are getting their news and sports fix from TV and over the Internet now. How about mailers? Well, they still work to some degree, but the majority of them end up in a wastebasket. And what about Yellow Pages Books? Ha! Most people don’t even bother with them anymore.

So what does work? Well, there’s a method out there we think very highly of because it’s as targeted as you can get, when it comes to connecting with consumers who are most likely to purchase from you. LOCAL DISPLAY ADS.

You see, Local Display Ads are the fastest growing segment of the local marketing industry. And it’s no wonder! By using LDAs, you can place ads online that will almost exclusively be seen only by individuals who fit the demographics (Age range, income, education, etc.) and have the interests that “you”, the business owner, would expect from your target market. Plus you can geo-target the area that you are most likely to draw customers/clients from.

For example, if you own an upscale yoga studio, you might want to target professional women who are health & fitness enthusiasts, and who live within 25 miles of your facility. Sure beats wasting money on 65-year old male couch-potatoes who live 1,000 miles away!!!

The fact is that a recent study found that 74.2% of people actually WANT to see ads for local businesses while they’re browsing around online. That means that you have a fantastic opportunity to get more brand recognition for your business if you are showing up where your target audiences are spending their time online.

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