Mobile Marketing

What most business owners don’t realize, even if they have a mobile-friendly website, is that possibly the most profitable, yet inexpensive methods of marketing their business is by taking even further advantage of the massive mobile device phenomenon.

For instance, what if you could advertise to a large number of consumers at the EXACT TIME they’re most likely to be interested in your products or services? Can you do that with a phone book? No.  How about with paper coupons? No. Newspaper ads or local advertising sheets? No. Radio ads? Only if the right people are listening right then. Outside billboards and signs? Only if the right people are driving by right then. And advertising specials and sales inside your store is worthless if the consumer isn’t present!

But there is a technology available now that utilizes mobile devices to put a specific offer in front of the people most likely to respond to that offer, at the exact time you want them to see it. It’s called “Short Message Service” or SMS, for short. With this service, people who have already joined your data base can receive a text message at the exact time of your choosing.

Why does this method work so well? Well, consider that 91% of the U.S. has a cell phone, 95% of cell phones have SMS capabilities, and, on average, text messages are usually read within 90 seconds. Does THAT answer your question?!

This is how it works:

  1. Business owner puts out a sign (in window, at cash register, or on each table), print ad or promotes by word-of-mouth a desirable special offer such as “Free appetizer with any entrée”, “10%-off your purchase of _____”, “Purchase 5 _____, get your next one free”, “Receive notification of future sales”, “Come in for one free teeth whitening treatment”, and so on. Offer includes a short code (special 5-digit number) and a keyword related to the offer, such as “PIZZA”, “DENTIST”, “GOLF”, “FITNESS”, etc.
  2. Customer learns of offer, is enticed to respond, then sends a text message with keyword to the short code number included.
  3. Customer is added to a managed subscriber list.
  4. Customer immediately receives a confirmation text message from business.
  5. Customer can now access the special offer, usually by showing the offer on his/her mobile device at counter.
  6. Business can now text more special offers or news to customer in the future.
  7. Customer acts on future special offers, and shares them with friends.
  8. Number of customers and profits increase for business owner.


Imagine being an ice cream shop owner who has built a texting data base of several hundred customers, and you send out a text message at 1:30 p.m. on a 98o Saturday afternoon that states: “Buy a large slushie between 2-5 p.m., today, and receive a small slushie for FREE!”  Do you think you’d drum-up some business?! That is a near perfect scenario, but the truth is that almost any business, organization or educational institution can take advantage of SMS texting.

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