Mobile Website Design

To try to market a business without a website in this day and age is absolutely ridiculous. But to have a business website that isn’t mobile optimized is even more ridiculous! I say that because it doesn’t make sense to spend good money on a website (and hosting and site maintenance) that only looks good on a desktop PC, when more people own a smartphone…and when more people use a smartphone for shopping.

Check out these survey results:

• 90% of Americans have their mobile device within reach, 24/7.

• 95% of smartphone users have used them to search for local information.

• 70% of local information mobile searchers take action within 1 hour, 88% within 1 day. 66% of them actually visited the business location in person!

• 73% of mobile-enabled shoppers preferred mobile phones to retail clerks for basic assistance.

It’s clear that modern consumers rely heavily on their mobile devices when making purchasing decisions. So it stands to reason that they expect a positive experience when using them to check out a particular business. Unfortunately, though, the vast majority of today’s business owners are unintentionally torpedoing their own marketing efforts.

You see, traditional websites are built to be easily navigated and viewed on desktop or laptop computers. A large screen, full-size keyboard and mouse usually make the user experience extremely positive. The trouble is that traditional websites do NOT translate well at all onto mobile devices. It’s a pain to zoom in & out and pan and try to read print that is next to unreadable. It creates a user experience that is very frustrating, to say the least. Consider this:

• 70% of potential customers leave a mobile site if they find it difficult to navigate, and many then go to a competitor’s website, instead.

• 46% of mobile web users are unlikely to ever return to a website they had trouble using.

• 57% of those same mobile web users are unlikely to ever recommend that business site.

The #1 reason why shoppers use a mobile device when searching for a local business is because they want specific information, immediately, and they’re prepared to spend money once they get that information!

Well, we here at 21st Century Marketing Solutions are prepared to use the latest technology and techniques to build you a mobile website that you can be proud of, and better, yet, that customers/clients will love to utilize! We’ll take the important text, photos, links and the company logo from your desktop website, and install them on your own personalized business website.
To get more details about how you can get a mobile-friendly website for your business, just give us a call at 864-650-0063 or send us a message through our “Contact Us” page.