Our Approach

Business owners have been able to depend on a particular stable of marketing tools for decades.  Ads in YellowPages books, newspaper ads, radio ads, television commercials, roadside signs and even the occasional dancing plastic guy were used to successfully attract customers.  But times have changed drastically over the past few years.  Welcome to the new age of technology!


Today, technology has almost completely changed the way people purchase products and services.  Most folks have no use for a phone book, and they’d rather shoot the dancing plastic guy, than stop and shop at the business that it’s supposed to be drawing attention to!  Yes, some of the other old methods still produce varying degrees of success, but it’s the new tools and methods in town that have taken over.  And that’s why 21st Century Marketing Solutions was created.

At 21st Century Marketing Solutions, we understand that businesses that want to thrive, especially in today’s tough economy, must market to consumers blow-up dancing manthe way consumers want to be marketed to.  To ignore that fact is to commit marketing suicide. 

That’s why we primarily focus on 5 of the most basic components needed in order for business owners to survive and succeed. Yes, we can help you with things like SEO & Social Media, but it would be unfair of us to emphasize those services before a business owner has the proper tools in place. Those tools include:

  1. A professionally designed website. A business without a sharp, highly functional website is a business with minimal credibility, today.
  1. A professionally designed mobile website. With the vast majority of adults having a smartphone with them pretty much 24/7, why wouldn’t you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find the information they’re seeking about your business, information that they most likely want right NOW?!?!
  1. A professionally designed app for both Apple & Android devices. The fact of the matter is that the majority of consumers today love apps, because apps provide immediate service, as well as because of the ”it factor” they represent in the minds of so many customers and clients.
  1. Reputation management is essential, as a disgruntled consumer can start a harmful viral campaign against your business within minutes of leaving your establishment, simply by hopping on their smartphone.
  1. A local ad display platform. With today’s busy consumer paying less and less attention to the once dependable modes of advertising such as newspaper ads, Yellow Pages ads, and advertisement flyers, wouldn’t it make more sense to spend your advertising dollars branding your business where people are actually spending their time? (Hint: Internet)

Get these tools in place, increase your profits, and THEN you can began to add some of the other services mentioned earlier in order to ramp-up your marketing efforts.

To learn more, keep looking over this website or call right now at 864-650-0063 for more details.