Q & A

Q: Why should I change my marketing strategies, now? I’ve got a system that’s worked fine for me for years.

A: That may be true, but newer technology has caused shoppers to shop entirely differently, today. Therefore, it only makes sense to market to them the way THEY want to be marketed to, and there’s overwhelming proof that they’d prefer shopping for products and services ONLINE, especially taking advantage of the wonders of the smartphone. To try to market to people with methods they’ll only ignore is like putting a pork chop in front of a vegan, and expecting him or her to eat it. It’s just a waste of valuable time and money.

Q: Do you come cheaply? Also, do we get any kind of discount if we purchase multiple services?

A: The best way to answer that is to say that we don’t charge top dollar, but we also aren’t going to force ourselves into giving you poor-to-mediocre service by charging too little, just to get your business. We pride ourselves in the QUALITY of our work. Our philosophy is that the kind of business owners we want to work with will appreciate that stance on our part.

As for the second question, YES, we offer packages that reward our clients with generous discounts.

Q: Are there any on-going charges?

A: Yes. There are monthly fees for services such as website hosting and maintenance, content changes and additions you’ll want us to make as you go along, push notifications (apps), and local display ad services. It all depends on which service(s) we’re doing for you, and in the case of local display ads, how many “impressions” you order each month. One thing we promise you, there will be NO surprise fees!

Q: Who is responsible for the actual work that is done to provide these quality services?

A: While most work is done “in-house”, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals around the country who we turn to for an occasional specialty job. Our reputation matters to us greatly, so we are extremely committed to using only staffers we can depend on. If you ever have any problems with any of them, please contact us, immediately, and we’ll get things straightened out for you.